Pray, Give, Send, Go

Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast as a Category 4 storm on Friday, August 25. It will take months, and in some areas years, to restore parts of Houston and the surrounding communities. As Christians, we are called to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of those who call this beautiful area of our country home by praying, giving, and providing our resources and influences. Below are ways you can make a difference.


  • Pray for the people who have had to leave everything behind, especially those with nowhere to go. Pray for those who have been unable to evacuate and were left stranded in their homes. Ask for God’s provision and care.
  • Pray for the first responders, National Guard, and disaster relief volunteers and all others working to rescue those who are helping and/or are stranded.



  • Donate items that will be taken from Owensboro to Houston in the coming days. Needed items include non-perishable food items, basic grooming supplies, toilet paper, diapers, and cleaning supplies (e.g. bleach, rubber gloves, buckets, masks).
  • These can be dropped off the next few weekends at Connection Central in the main lobby.


  • We want to find the right way to help, so stay tuned for opportunities in 2018 to help rebuild and restore Houston and the surrounding areas.