The Common Good Community Store

The Common Good Community Store


If Owensboro Christian Church no longer existed would our community notice?

That’s a sobering question. I believe the answer is yes, if OCC didn’t exist there would be an obvious hole to fill within our community. But there are still many ways we can grow in how we serve our neighbors.

With Christ’s help, we want to see a community that works together for the common good. And one of the ways this goal is beginning to come to bloom is in through our new Thrift Store which is on opening TODAY, Jan 6th!

The goal of the Common Good Community Store is to provide members of the community with affordable clothing and household items while also teaching them how to make wise spending choices on a daily basis. Along with the store, we hope to eventually start a training program that will prepare those without jobs for future employment. All proceeds from the store will go back into helping those we serve.

We believe the Common Good Community Store is an awesome opportunity to show our community the love of Jesus. Over the past few months, staff and volunteers have been working to make the store a reality. Volunteers have put in countless hours of cleaning, painting, renovating and updating. We are thankful for all of their hard work and believe it will pay off as we see our mission come to life!

If you are interested in serving or have questions, please contact Cheri Searcy at Or call her at the church office 270-683-2706.

Please join us on this exciting journey!