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Western Student Fellowship

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Here is a simple way you can help contribute to the CSF of Western KY University:

“Kroger’s new program to support charities is its Community Rewards.  Kroger plans to give
up to $625,000 per quarter to linked organizations such as CSF.  CSF will get a portion of this from
Kroger based on a percentage of purchases at Kroger by people linking their Kroger Plus Card to CSF.
If you have a Kroger Plus Card you may link it to CSF by going to www.Kroger.com/communityrewards
and sign into your account (make one if you do not already have one).  Then select a preferred store if
you have not already done so.  In the window either put in “Western” and choose Western Christian
Student Fellowship from the list or put in the number 72407.  (Because of technical problems it
will show CSF with an address in Elizabethtown).
Once linked to CSF your purchase of groceries and some other things will be used to calculate
how much Kroger donates to CSF.
Thanks to those of you who help support CSF in this way.  Please support CSF with your
prayers too.  This is CSF’s 40th year of ministry at WKU.  Steve Stoval, the campus minister and
his wife, Theresa, have ministered there since the beginning.
If you have any questions or problems linking to CSF, email me.
God bless,
Randy L. Wolfe
CSF Board Member