We are now accepting applications to fill spots for our 2019 interns.


OWENSBORO INTERN EXPERIENCE is a 7 to 12 month internship designed to provide practical and biblically based training along with hands on ministry experience in a focused area for leaders who desire to serve in vocational ministry.


Leadership Development

Duplication of leaders is crucial. Our goal is to equip leaders in how to invest in the lives of others in order to duplicate leadership.

Ministry Training

Ministry happens in many different ways. Our goal is to give leaders the skills necessary to do ministry and to help them identify their giftedness and how to use that to its full potential.

Biblical Focus

We acknowledge that the Bible is the revealed truth of God. Our goal is to train leaders how to pattern their lives after and communicate this truth in ways that impacts the culture.

Character Building

Integrity and humility are essential in leading others and serving in ministry. Our goal is to empower leaders to develop habits that will help identify areas of weakness in their life as well as strengthen their character.

Focused Experience

Training in a specific ministry area is important for a leader to be a part of. Our goal is to give as much hands on experience in a chosen area and leadership opportunities with others within that ministry.


  • Monday – Thursday and weekend responsibilities where applies
  • Ministry area of focus and weekend
  • Ministry/Life skills training
  • Community involvement/serving
  • Internship requirements and meetings
    1. Informal & formal evaluations
    2. Weekly team meetings
    3. Monthly staff meetings
    4. School requirements
  • Office space provided
  • Housing provided
  • Paid internship
  • Personal Habits & Health
  • Missional Living
  • Community Involvement/outreach
  • Working on Team (strengths finder)
  • Volunteer Recruiting/training
  • Practical Skills
    1. Budgets
    2. Communication
    3. Brainstorming/advance planning
  • Spiritual formation—Once a month


GO LEAD is an internship program that helps develop lay leaders and students from within OCC in basic ministry skills as well as gives them a focused training in a specific ministry area. Go Lead can be anywhere from 3 months to a year.

  • Regular meeting with the ministry leader
  • Semi regular meetings with the team leader
  • Leadership role and training within the ministry area
  • Attend 1 training event/conference
  • Life skills training