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On the second Sunday of each month at 4:00 PM in the Student Ministry Room (entrance A), we gather to celebrate what God is doing through the REACH Ministry and  to learn about opportunities to serve God in ways that encourages transformation through the power of Jesus Christ. We hope that you will come to the next REACH Night and join in as we serve others for the cause of Christ.

Strategy: Crisis, Connect, Care


The Lifebridge Ministry exist to share the love of Jesus with those in the church and the community who are experiencing crisis or difficult situations in life (i.e. poverty, divorce, addictions, finances, etc.). This is a ministry movement to help take people from a state of brokenness to transformation.

  • Prayer Partner

  • Note Writing Ministry


Individuals or families who are experiencing a crisis need to be surrounded and encouraged by others as they navigate through the crisis situation. A Care Partner walks along side a person in crisis not only to help them to survive but to thrive and to realize that Jesus is the answer to a transformed life!

  • Care Partner

  • Care Team Leader


Life Skills and Emotional Health are important pieces of the transformation process. Individuals experiencing crisis situations need the support from those who have the skill sets listed below.

  • Life Skills Coordinator

  • Licensed Counselor

  • Behavioral Health Consultant

  • Faith and Finance Facilitator

  • Employment Coach

  • Employment Provider

  • Recovery Consultant

  • Parenting Coach